What is WinampSwitch?

WinampSwitch is a plugin for Nullsoft Winamp, that will shutdown (or hibernate, halt etc.) your computer after Winamp reaches the end of it's playlist. But with the right system it will also be able to power up your computer from hibernate mode and start Winamp playing your favourite playlist.



What are all those funny buttons for?

Well, click on it and you will see:


Contact the author

WinampSwitch is quite an old piece of software now (10.2004). I didn't improve it since the release of 0.41, since I switched to Linux a few years ago and thus have not much use for the plugin myself. To my surprise it seems to be still in use (with almost 50000 downloads!) and it even seems to work with Winamp 5, even though Winamp 2.7x was the latest version when I last put my hands on it.

Several people approached me with good ideas and some even offered to help. Now I finally set up a Sourceforge project for it and released the code under the LGPL. Feel free to check out the code and add the feature you were missing since years. If you want to have write access to the source repository yourself don't hesitate to contact me. Logo